About Valiant Sounds

Welcome to Valiant Sounds

This is the official site of Valiant Sounds where you can read the latest news as well as read about, listen to and watch our work.

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Valiant Sounds is a Norwegian independent music label.

My name is Paul Bernard and I am the daily manager and the founder of Valiant Sounds.

Valiant Sounds is a gathering of talented artists mainly in the indie/alternative genre, and mainly from Askøy and Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Today Valiant Sounds consists of seven musical acts as well as nine collaborators or partners; people who helps out and contribute to our concept. Because more than anything, Valiant Sounds is a concept, an idea. And the idea is simple, we as a group will help eachother through collaborations and a fellowship. The Valiant Sounds artists are individuals, but at the same time we are aware of the strength that lies in numbers. This is an umbrella for musicians with the same ambitions, musical motivations and inspirations. 

– Paul Bernard –

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