Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra

Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra

Øyvind Berge is a singer/songwriter. Over the years he’s been working on a lot of different projects, amongs them Sugar Plum Fairies, a folkpop band who got a lot of regognition for their album “Fivrelddans – Haakon Lie i ord og tonar” – an album which achieved a local scholarship/award and  several local radio songs.

Øyvind is an eclectic musician who has worked on folk/traditional music, pop, film soundtrack, electronica and even collaborated with hip hop artist Paul Bernard. Inspired by early melodic pop/rock music, Øyvind has brought his imaginary orchestra for some good old fashioned pop music!

SØB&HIO released their debut single “Queen of the doorway” on December 7th, 2012. Read more about/stream/download the song.

More about Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra @



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