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[New album] “Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes”


Paul Bernard‘s latest album “Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes” has been available for some time now, exclusive on his Bandcamp page. Here you can stream, buy or download for free – you’re choice!

Today “Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes” is also available @ most online stores like Spotify, Wimp, iTunes, Amazon etc… (may take some time on some of the sites – more links will be up soon)

“Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes” is a collection of songs made in the same period of time as the 2012 release “Sånne dager” was made (2008-2012). The sound is a mixture of hip hop, pop and rock. All music by Paul Bernard.

Guests: Hajoken, Kjartan Gaulfossen, Teori, Gandhji, Bitten-Helén, John Inge Melve Ellingsæther, Håkon Holmås, Jens Erik Aasmundseth, Jørgen “Jaycobsen” Jacobsen, K.N.X, Galexy, Johnny Sound, Selina Sitara, Alf J.A.Borge, Vanessa Nathalia, Marty Martés, Svane.

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[New release] Paul Bernard – “Sånne andre dager – leftovers & remixes”

sadNew official Valiant Sounds release; Paul Bernard – “Sånne andre dager: Leftovers & remixes” – a collection of songs made during the same period of time as the “Sånne dager” album was made (2008-2012).

Guest appearances by Marty Martés (Marty & The Frenemies), Bitten-Helén, K.N.X, Natasha Angel, Gandhji (Zig Zag Zoo), Teorim (Zig Zag Zoo), Hajoken (Tonna Brix), Kjartan Gaulfossen (Conurbia), John Inge Melve Ellingsæter, Håkon Holmås, Jaycobsen (Dub Kartell), Alf J.A.Borge, Vanessa Nathalia, Johnny Sound, Svane, Selina Sitara, Galexy.

“SÅNNE ANDRE DAGER – Leftovers & remixes” (full album or individual tracks) can be downloaded exclusively (for a couple of weeks) @ Paul Bernard’s Bandcamp page (just click here) – YOU choose the price, no minumum price (that probably means FREE for most of ya’ll!)

Thank you.

Paul Bernard

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Stochastics – “Strider”/”Wake me dear”


Vilde Constanse and the rest of her fabolous band STOCHASTICS have finally hared with us their first official release!

Two songs; “Strider” and “Wake me dear”.

You can buy/stream it everywhere on the world wide web!

And check it out here:

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Violet Hill has been in the studio and “Wake up sunshine” is the first taste of what these young guns have to offer! And the best of all; you can listen/download the song for free by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Also be sure to visit Violet Hill on Facebook.

[Free song] “Wake up sunshine” by Violet Hill

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Today, December 7th, Valiant Sounds releases Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra’s very first single. Drawing inspiration from classic pop music, Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra make their debut with a sunny, sprightly and perky number entitled “Queen of The Doorway”. Steeped in harmonies and with a predominantly acoustic backing, the single is heavily influenced by things as far apart as West Coast Pop and acoustic folk music. This is the first in a string of planned releases on Valiant Sounds for Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra.

The single is produced by Paul Bernard and mastered by Nordenstam Mastering who previously has worked with great bands such as Ralph Myerz, Sirkus Eliassen and Datarock. Cover art is done by Ine Berge Lund.

Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra is the brainchild of Norwegian singer-songwriter Øyvind Berge. The orchestra consists of him and whoever happens to be around at any given time. Although his musical roots lie firmly in the traditional folk music of Norway, Berge shows with this project that he is an eclectic musician drawing inspiration from various genres like, for instance, Britpop, bluegrass and electronica. Bands and artists as diverse as The Beatles, a-ha, Elliott Smith, Bill Monroe and AIR are some of the influences claimed by Sir Øyvind Berge & His Imaginary Orchestra.

The single is a digital release only and is now available at:

Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Platekompaniet, Wimp, Musicnodes, Deezer, Tradebit, Cmstore.fi, Bibzboom, 7digital, Tónlist, YouSeePlayTelenor Mobil, MTV3, Emusic, Spillelisten.no, etc. (It may take some time before it is available at all of the online stores – more links will be added)

[Single release] “Queen of the doorway”

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Valiant Sounds can now be found on Soundcloud. We’re going to update with new songs soon. Tell a friend! So if you’re on there, please feel free to check us out and follow us!


Valiant Sounds on Soundcloud

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Check out the NEW song by Vilde Constanse!

Vilde Constanse – It Takes Change by vcgm

Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


[new song] Vilde Constanse – It takes change

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You may now listen to some tunes from the Valiant Sounds camp;

Alf J.A. Borge, K.N.X & Paul Bernard

Visit our music section!

Finally some music!

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