Under construction….

Valiant Sounds started out with several artists and collaborators – people that share the same interest and passion for the creative work that we strive to achieve.

As time passed people had to put their own visions and ambitions first and Valiant Sounds had to focus on fewer official artists.Though we still may collaborate, they are not official members of Valiant Sounds.

But still we support and show love to these talented and creative souls: (links will be up soon)

Alf J.A.Borge

Ine Berg Lunde

Ingri Rose

Jamie Haukeland

Illimar Rekand

Marty & The Frenemies

Nations of the Soul

Nordenstam Mastering


Svane design & foto

Tord Kleppe

The Beauty

TV for Chickens

Vilde Constanse

Violet Hill




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